Download Skins for Attacking Creepers

Yes. You have been playing Minecraft for quite some time and are beginning to become bored with your old Minecraft skins; what can you do? Simple: Make new ones.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of playing Minecraft (other than the sheer fun of exploring, building, and battling Zombies, Creepers, and other Mobs) is the ability to alter your appearance to both frighten and amuse your friends. Some players change skins like most humans change socks…daily; others like to change skins even more frequently; sometimes “mid-game,” which is to say they simply pause for a moment and load a new, pre-fabricated skin onto their character and continue playing.

Rob the Zombie

This is possible by creating new skins and saving them onto your hard-drive for later use. By downloading all your old skins in a folder on your computer, you can quickly alter your appearance, kind of like a spy!

This is useful when you are planning a surprise of some kind, for you can duck into something like a cave or building, quickly make your change, then pounce out and before anyone knows it is you, launch your whatever.

There are a many players who have crafted their own Creeper and Zombie skins that they use to scare newbie friends who are still at the point that all they can really do is run. It is sort of like playing ghost-in-the-graveyard in cyberspace. Quite fun.

There are even a few who have stumbled upon Zombie Bob who have apparently crafted their own imitation skins of this guy—the scariest, toughest, and meanest Zombie you will ever encounter. If you ever see this guy—run. Do not try to kill him because he is “unkillable.” If you do manage to “kill” Zombie Bob, he just respawns nearby and attacks again. You can spot this particular Zombie easily because he is the only Zombie that wears a baseball cap that reads, “BOB.”

It also seems there is at least one other player who has created a knock-off version called Zombie Rob. This one sports long, scraggly hair and a fedora. Very strange.

Still others like to download new skins that make them appear to be Officials of some sort who act like police to generally create a bit of added mischief in the Minecraft world. They go around “arresting” other unsuspecting players (who usually play along and find themselves landed in some kind of trap (of which, there are many).

Indeed, with the ability of players to alter their Minecraft skins easily and cunningly, many have become very creative in their endeavors to make the world of Minecraft an even more interesting place to visit and play. To date, the “Bobinators” as the imitators of BOB have come to be known are perhaps the most interesting, because everyone who has ever come across Bob, well know the dangers of confronting this particular zombie.

Regardless of the Minecraft skins program you choose, just be sure to save your new and old skins to a file on your computer. Do this, and whenever you find the circumstances favorable for a fun surprise all that is needed is a little duck-and-cover, a quick switch, and bam, have at it.